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Recycling and composting not disposal


Here is an index of relevant documents, videos, web sites etc. that we recommend for reference. For some topics we will provide a link to specialist indexes on other sites. See also the entries for organisations/sources on our Links page.

Please let us know of particularly useful sources that you come across.  

All rights to material cited here and on the Links page are acknowledged. The purpose is to index sample sources of information on each topic. 

NOTES: The latest items are toward the top of this list. The earlier items are no longer current, especially those that refer to the previously propsed site at New Barnfield in Hatfield rather than Rye House, Hoddesdon in the Broxbourne district. 

The documents indexed here are for reference. We may not endorse the content of items from other parties. 

Quick Guide to Consultation on HCC-VES Ratty's Lane, Jan.-Mar. 2017

This is available here.

HCC-VES Contract, 2016-17

Herts CC have issued a set of 30 redacted documents of the Contract with the latest Deed of Variation. We are requesting access to several missing documents. Contact the Council or let us know if you want copies of any or all of the Contract documents. (list)

Veolia's pre-application consultation

Here is a copy of the illustrated leaflet that Veolia are using to consult residents around the Rye House / Ratty's Lane site selected in the Revised Project Plan. (4.4 MB) link

Our email to Transition-minded community groups in Herts.

We have sent an email to the relevant community groups across the county to share our final input to the Council's meeting, via the CEO, relevant officers and councillors. link

Our letter to the CEO for full Council meeting on 22 March 2016

Here is a copy of our emailed letter to John Wood, Chief Executive of Hertfordshire County Council, in advance of the full Council meeting on 22 March 2016: 'Waste Management - The Way Ahead' link

It is copied for information to the relevant officers and to all of the county councillors. It raises questions at a strategic level appropriate to the Council, i.e. in terms of its Constitution, policy framework and precedents, especially the failed New Barnfield project.

The Agenda for the meeting refers to the Cabinet's decision on Veolia's Revised Project Plan via a report from Cllr Richard Thake, the relevant executive member. However we hope that councillors from across the political parties will raise questions about the risks of deliverability and lifetime operation of the incinerator plant. 

UKWIN's advice to us on the way ahead - IMPORTANT, KEEP IN MIND!

Here is a summary of UKWIN's current advice to us: link

Cabinet meeting - HAI's report

Cathy Roe has shared her notes via the web site of Hatfield Against Incineration: link

Technical attachment to final email

This cited sources on several vital points... link

Our final information before Cabinet meeting

This was sent to all Cabinet members... link

The Hoddesdon Society's letter to Cabinet

The Secretary of the society sent this letter to the councillors (Executive Members) on the Cabinet. link

Our email exchanges with Cllr Gordon before Cabinet meeting

These were with Cllr Robert Gordon, as Leader of the Council and hence Chairman of the Cabinet committee link

Our Briefing to the Cabinet

We have sent the Leader of the Council and Executive Members (who make up the Cabinet committee to make decisions) a briefing paper in our concerns about the proposal outlined in the Officer's Report. covering email - Briefing 

The Briefing paper is focussed on strategic matters in relation to policy, rather than to those that would be addressed at the Planning Permission stage.  

Our protest to the Leader of the Council at the undue haste

We have send an urgent message of protest the Councillor Robert Gordon, Leader of the Council, about the undue haste in decision-making over Veolia's Revised Project Plan. In our view deciding a commitment of this magnitude and consequences undermines the soundness of its outcome. link

Note: We have just been advised that the RPP was released 20 days before the Cabinet meeting. We still do not regard that as nearly long enough, especially in view of the ways in which the proposal contravenes the Council's own policies. 

Our message to Councillor Thake toward the Cabinet meeting 

Here is a copy of our email to Cllr Richard Thake, Executive Member for Community Safety and Waste Management, toward his recommendation to the Cabinet meeting on 14th March 2016. link

Petition to Cabinet Panel - our script

Here is the script we used to address the Cabinet Panel for presenting our Petition on 4th March 2016:

HertsWOW's Script for Petition to CS&WM CP (as presented).pdf 


Waste Officers' Report on Veolia's Revised Project Plan (RPP)

This comprises a set of documents that are available online via the formal notice of the Cabinet Panel meeting on 4th March 2016: here (also for the Cabinet meeting on 14th March)

For a gist of what is proposed, see Veolia's announcement in the local press and via the letsrecycle.com site: here 

Zero Waste Europe and Zero Waste England

Zero Waste Europe is a network of organisations and municipalities promoting the Zero Waste strategy as a way to make Europe more sustainable. site

Reminder of Planning Inquiry documents

The Planning Inquiry held in late 2013 was a crucial stage in the process of contesting planning permission for a mass burn incinerator plant (RERF) at New barnfield, Hatfield. The many documents presented and cited are available for reference online in the Planning Inspectorate's portal here

Submissions by a range of interested, but not principal, parties are listed here. For instance, Mick Bee's submission on the claimed need for such a facility is available here with attachments for appendices and additional information here

Our address to the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership's meeting about a Circular Economy for Hertfordshire

This was addressed to the Herts. Waste Partnership’s meeting on 27th July 2015, with its theme of Circular Economy. link

Our briefing on the implications of the Re-determination outcome, with a call for a Circular Economy in Hertfordshire

We sent this for information to all Transition-minded community groups in Hertfordshire. link

The UK Government's letter of re-determination, refusing planning permission to Veolia for a RERF/mass burn incinerator in New Barnfield, Hatfield

The letter from the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government is available online here along with a copy of the Inspector's report to which it refers, and a notice of Veolia's right of appeal..

The Information Commissioner's Decision Notice

Here is a copy of the Information Commissioner's Decision Notice on our request in January 2012 for full disclosure of the Contract with Veolia ES and the Final Business case. Decision Notice (unsigned, 200KB)

Pre-Inquiry Notes (and EIA Review)

Here are the Inspector's notes of the Pre Inquiry Meeting (PIM) and the review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). PIM Notes - EIA Review

The Environment Agency's internal notes of its Consultation

In response to our Environmental Information Request (EIR), the Environment Agency has sent us the internal ("debrief") notes of its public Consultation in January/February 2013. letter - notes - disclaimers

Waste Manager - Contract Development

Herts. County Council is recruiting a development manager for waste contracts. The closing date has passed but the content is of interest for private study here

For commentary, see our Blog entry here

Costs for the "Do nothing" option - round 2

Here are Mick Bee's petition as submitted and his rebuttal of the Waste officers' initial response. Petition - letter about HCC's Reponse

UK waste forecasts to 2020

The publication "Forecasting 2020 waste arisings and treatment capacity" (February 2013) is  available here 
It was among the information published in February 2013 when the PFI credits were withdrawn from the three remaining local authority led projects still in procurement here.
The local authority projects which continue to be funded are identified here.

Costs for the "Do nothing" option

Here for reference are Mick Bee's documents on the "Do nothing" option (i.e. processing waste via landfilling as previously). These are in support of our petition to the Waste Management Cabinet Panel meeting on 7 March 2013projection - notes - graph

Radio programme: Costing the Earth

Highly recommended, in the series of Costing the Earth on BBC Radio 4: Dash for AshTuesday 19 Feb 13 Duration: 28 minutes. Tom Heap on whether burning our waste to create energy is the sustainable solution we need. Download/podcast/listen again here - available indefinitely.

The Information Commissioner: FOI & EIR

A local authority should be ready to respond to requests for information, subject only to necessary exemptions. 

The Information Commissioner's Office is "the independent regulatory office dealing with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 across the UK; and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and, to a limited extent, in Scotland. 

Household Waste Recycling Centres Guide

Thanks to WelHat FoE for this link. 

The Waste & Recycling Action Programme (WRAP) is a UK quango that provides information on resource efficiency. For its summary and guide to HWRC operation and evolution, see here.

Hertfordshire Waste Partnership - Annual Report 2011/12‏

The HWP's Secretariat has sent us a copy of copy of the Partnership's latest annual report. We cannot find a link to it online yet, se we are posting a copy for reference here. (PDF format @ 1.1MB)

Summary of waste management issues

Veoilia ES's Publications page is here: 


Herts County Council's current issues of waste management are summarised in this document: 

Performance & Finance Monitor: Q1 2012/13.

Video: 75% recycling rate, heading for Zero Waste....

Here is a brilliant testimony of how with goodwill all round, a community and a waste contractor can get the household rubbish sorted and sold on, through a rate of 75% toward higher levels of recycling:

Presteigne and Norton Recycling Superstars
Residents of Presteigne and Norton on recycling three quarters of their waste - the best rate in the country! John Griffiths AM Environment Minister for Wales visited in September 2012 to…
Added on 26/09/2012

Thanks to UKWIN and the Zero Waste Alliance for this link.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee related papers, 24 May 2012

Here are the materials relating to the OSC meeting's item to address our concerns: 

Consultation on the Model Policy referring to NPPR

Here is the notice from the Programme Officer Mary Minnis about the 3-week consultation to 1st June: download.

Latest letters, predictions and links

Mick Bee's initial letter - Cllr Derrick Ashley's response - Mick Bee's counter-response.

Here are the graphs/charts of the predictions used and notes to explain them.

The links for the Surrey case study are:-  

The alternative strategy

Mick Bee's address to the Planning Inspector in October 2013

On behalf of HertsWOW, Mick contested the claimed 'urgent and compelling' need for an incinerator facility in New Barnfield, Hatfield. link with six appendices

Dr Paul Connett's paper

A paper by Dr Paul Connett: Zero Waste: A Key Move towards a Sustainable Society"

. More.... 

Letter to Councillors about the Site Allocations, 28 Nov. 2011

For the Council meeting on 29th Nov. 2011 (see Blog) Email, letter and supporting points.

Horizons article - our complaint

Here is the text of the complaint: Horizons article complaint vf-1.pdf and the press release that we issued about it: Horizons PR SG2.pdf.  

Article in the Ethical Consumer

 We rcommend this one-page critique of the major waste corporations' publicity: 

  • What a load of rubbish by Simon Birch, in the Inside View section on page 46 of the Ethical Consumer magazine, Jan./Feb. 2012.

Principles of Transition

Here is a summary of principles for transition toward a 'low carbon' economy, with highlighting of items you may find useful in this context: Transition principles