Herts. WithOut Waste (HertsWOW)

Recycling and composting not disposal

Frequently asked questions

This page explains a bit about this web site and the HertsWOW group that runs it.

Q: What does HertsWOW stand for??

A: Literally, "Herts. WithOut Waste". We aspire to this county having a 'circular economy' in which we avoid wastage by re-using goods and recycling materials.

Q: Is HertsWOW political?

A: Yes, in the sense of trying to influence the course of events in a consistent direction (policy). We have no party political allegiance though, so we can speak impartially with representatives of any political party - and independent councillors!

Q: Are you a campaigning group? 

A: No, we are engaged in lobbying for a more sustainable future for Hertfordshire. We promote awareness and the exchanging of ideas & sources among the public, public authorities, campaign groups, industry and other institutions.

Q: With whom are you in contact?

A: We are continually 'networking' with: 

  • The public, as in public meetings, broadcasts and open-air events. 
  • Community and campaign groups across Hertfordshire and farther afield.
  • Environmental groups such as the UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) of which we are a member, local groups of Friends of the Earth and the Transition Towns movement. 
  • Independent experts. 
  • The Hertfordshire Waste Partnership of the County Council and the 10 district/borough councils, whose work to "Reduce, Re-use and Recycle" we are keen to promote.
  • Companies engaged in the waste industries and in avoidance of waste. 
  • UK central government agencies, Hertfordshire County Council (officers and councillors) and the district/borough councils. 
  • Schools, colleges and universities, especially the University of Hertfordshire. 

Q: Where do you get your information?

A: We have to keep up to date with the latest findings, approaches and technologies. That gathering process takes up a lot of our time. However via the Internet, we are monitor official, industrial and academic sources worldwide as much as we can. UKWIN and Friends of the Earth gather a great deal of information that we find useful.

Q: Who funds you? 

A:  During public inquiries, we have received financial support from the New Barnfield Action Fund and from Friends of the Earth groups. We can accept donations without 'strings attached' to help with our costs, which are few. Individuals including our core team of volunteers and speakers at events provide most of the resources we need. 

Q: Why are you advertising incinerators (or whatever else) on your web site?

A:  We don't mean to! - those may appear because we are using a 'free' service in exchange for having no control over the adverts. You may even value seeing them as a revealing glimpse of what the waste-related suppliers are promoting.