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Herts County Council's Draft Waste Local Plan

Monday 11th January to Friday 19th March 2021 (as agreed by Cabinet on 19th October 2020)

Capacity Gap Report; Call for Sites; Waste Facilities Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD); The Draft Waste Local Plan; Waste Local Plan Policies; ...

"Once adopted, the Waste Local Plan will cover a 15-year plan period from the date of adoption and will include a Key Diagram with broad growth areas identified for the delivery of suitable sites for Local Authority Collected Waste (such as Household Waste Recycling Centres, depots, waste transfer stations etc.). 


HCC Draft Waste Local Plan Consultation
Monday 11th to Friday 19th March 2021 (as agreed by Cabinet on 19th october 2020)
Capacity Gap Report; Call for Sites; Waste Facilities Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD); The Draft Waste Local Plan; Waste Local Plan Policies; ...
"Once adopted, the Waste Local Plan will cover a 15-year plan period from the date of adoption and will include a Key Diagram with broad growth areas identified for the delivery of suitable sites for Local Authority Collected Waste (such as Household Waste Recycling Centres, depots, waste transfer stations etc.)."


Minerals Local Plan  

We invite consultees to submit comments on the Regulation 19 Proposed Submission Minerals Local Plan document regarding the four tests of "soundness (PDF 141KB)" Opening in a new window. ... over a ten week period ... ending at 5pm on Friday 22 March 2019. Please ensure that responses reach us by the closing date: https://tinyurl.com/yyxfa3pr

The county council would like as wide a response as possible to this stage of public engagement. We encourage interested parties to comment on the “soundness” of the Proposed Submission Minerals Plan document as well as comment on those sites which have not been identified as set out in the Omissions Document.
... consultees should consider whether the Plan:

  • provides a strategy to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs;
  • provides an appropriate strategy that takes account of reasonable alternatives and is based on proportionate evidence;
  • contains proposals that are deliverable over the Plan period; and
  • enables the delivery of sustainable development in line with national policy.

Consultation on Draft Environmental Permit
End date for representations: extended to 24th Sept. 2018. (link)
Site: EN11 0RF, Veolia ES Hertfordshire Limited. Ref. EPR/SP3038DY/A001
Brief description of activity: The incineration of non-hazardous waste in a waste incineration plant with a capacity exceeding 3 tonnes per hour.
Local authority: Broxbourne Borough Council. How to comment on the application:
How to respond:
Online: view and comment on the proposed decision using Citizen Space
Email: pscpublicresponse@environment-agency.gov.uk
Or write to:
Environment Agency, Permitting and Support Centre, Land Team, Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WF

Herts. Waste Local Plan - Initial Consultation
"Hertfordshire County Council, as Waste Planning Authority for Hertfordshire, is seeking the views of all interested parties on the way forward for waste planning in the county. The next stage of the process is the Waste Local Plan Initial Consultation. This consultation will run from 5 February 2018 until 30 March 2018 for 8 weeks. This Initial Consultation document is the first consultation that Hertfordshire County Council has published during the process of reviewing the county’s existing Waste Local Plan (WLP). Visit the web site (below) to view the Plan, response forms and supporting documents or also available in hard copy during normal office hours at all county libraries, public deposit points and district and borough council offices. Please contact them for opening hours:" link

The County County's Consultation Portal contains the key documents: link

Draft Minerals Local Plan and Omission Sites

The Draft Minerals Local Plan and Omission Sites document are being published for consultation for a ten week period starting at 9am on Monday 04 December 2017 and ending at 5pm on Friday 09 February 2018. Please ensure that responses reach us by the closing date."
"A full list of options for responding to this consultation is set out below:"
Online Consultation Portal:
Email response forms:
Address for printed forms:
Minerals and Waste Policy Team,
Spatial Planning and Economy Unit (CHN216)
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall 
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DN
Phone no. for queries:
0300 123 4040

Requesting a Call-in

This is not a matter for consultation, yet you can write to the The Right Hon Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to request that he call in Veolia's planning application. Guidance on the potential grounds for calling-in is available here:


quoting the application's reference:

Proposed Energy Recovery Facility at 2 Rattys Lane, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire - Application number 7/0067-17 

On 12th December 2017 he put a block on Herts. County Council approving the application, though at the time of writing this (14th December 2017) it isfree to consider or refuse it, or defer the decision and/or their meeting of the Development Control Committee on 20th December 2017.

Re-consultation on Veolia ES's Planning  Application

On 17th August 2017, Herts. CC opened a public re-consultation on a slew of amended reports under 'Regulation 22' matters that queried many of  the original set of documents. This will run until Thursday 21st September 2017. For details, see our Blog entry for 18th August.


Environmental Permit Application 

to the Environment  Agency from Veolia ES Hertfordshire Ltd for an "energy recovery facility" (i.e. waste incinerator) at Ratty's Lane, Hoddesdon. Closing date for consultation is Thursday 10th August 2017. See our blog post for 16th July 2017.


Household Waste Recycling Centre at Ware

Consultation on a proposal to redevelop and expand the centre to replace the inadequate facilities dating from the 1970s. Closing on 19th July 2017. See our blog post on that date.

Closing date extended into March 2017.

Pre-application Consultation and Community Liaison Group

Veolia ran a four-week consultation for nearby households from 27 June to 25 July 2017. See our Calendar for dates and our Library for a link to the Community Information leaflet. Check the latest information at HCC's web site here.

Also from May 2016, Veolia ran a series of Community Liaison Group meetings in which interested parties are invited to take part. See our Blog for details and check the latest information at HCC's web site here..

Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

for employment land areas of search (ELAS)

See the Blog post on 18 May 2015 for details at that date. 

Consultation on proposed changes to operation of the HWRCs 

 Thanks to WelHat FoE for this notice.

Herts. CC has appointed a new contractor, AmeyCespa, to run Hertfordshire’s household waste recycling centres. A number of changes to the ways HWRCs are run are proposed and HCC is consulting on these. The consultation, which can be found here: https://consult.hertsdirect.org/hwrcconsultation2014/ is now open and will close at midnight on 3rd August 2014. Click on the link 'Consultation Document' to view the suggested changes. For our comment, see our blog post: http://hertswow.webs.com/apps/blog/show/42390659-consultation-about-changes-to-operation-of-hwrcs.

Comments invited from Parties to the Inquiry 

"Decision date for New Barnfield has now been put back to June 26, and the Public Inquiry parties have been asked to submit comments by May 19th on some further points. (Southfield relocation, Herts Waste Sites Plan , and some new legislation)." 

Waste Site Allocations 

Herts CC is consulting only on the changes to the Waste Site Allocations document, from January 6 to February 14, 2014. For details and ways of responding, see HCC's web site. here For local advice see HAI's website. here Guidance notes for using the response form are available here.

NOTE: The Planning Inspectorate published updated guidance in December 2013 on the procedures for the examination of local plan documents. here e.g. "In responding to the consultation you may wish to consider the recently published Waste Management Plan for England and comment how it relates to the Waste Site Allocations document." (see also below)

For further information see HAI's website www.hatfield-anti-incineration.co.uk

Waste Management Plan for England

Waste Management Plan for England 

The UK Government has just published its Waste Management Plan for England (WMPE) that was formally adopted on 12 December. See our blog entry for 18 December 2013. This is already adopted; all that we are invited to comment by 3 January 2014 on any effect it has on the Planning Inquiry.

Waste prevention programme for England 

"UK Waste Plan: have your say" 

Consultation from 6 August to 23 September 2013 here

"Consumers, businesses and councils are urged to give their views on a plan to cut waste thrown away, save money and protect the environment. ..."   

UK Government's consultation on Updated national waste planning policy: Planning for sustainable waste management


This consultation on the replacement for PPS10 will run for 8 weeks, ending on 23 September 2013. 


Consultation on further documents from Veolia ES

"Veolia Environmental Services Ltd has submitted to Hertfordshire County Council, further information relating to an Environmental Statement which accompanies a planning application for the development of a recycling and energy recovery facility for the treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes together with ancillary infrastructure, including bulking/transfer facilities, administration/visitor centre, landscaping, habitat creation, drainage and highway improvement works at New Barnfield, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Any representations should be made in writing by email, letter or online by Wednesday 21 August 2013. By emailLeanne.Palmer@pins.gsi.gov.uk. . ."

The 'new' information is on the planning website here:
  • an Environmental Report for Howe Dell, the temporary site of Southfield School;
  • another Alternative Sites Assessment with 4 additional sites - all in Bedfordshire;
  • a "refined" noise impact assessment, requested by the Environment Agency as part of the permit application;
  • and lots more photomontages (which "demonstrate that the visual impact is generally less than suggested by the original keylines") 

Thanks to WelHat FoE for this summary.


Examination in Public of the Waste Site Allocations.


The Examination will take start in September 2013, be suspended during the Public Inquiry's hearings, and conclude in November 2013. schedule - document


If you took part in a previous examination you will have been invited to take part in the corresponding sessions - plus the introductory and concluding sessions - of this one. However you can apply to speak at any session and on any relevant topic. You can ask for a copy of the Programme Officer's invitation and for the Inspector's Issues and Questions document. There is also a list of the sites identified as suitable for "thermal treatment" i.e. for incinerators to produce electricity from waste ("efw"). The districts/boroughs concerned are: Broxbourne, Dacorum, East Herts., North Herts., St Albans, Three Rivers, Welwyn Hatfield.


In this examination or in the public inquiry, an objector may well propose an alternative site for a particular purpose. That is a legitimate tactical move to challenge the inclusion of a proposed site such as New Barnfield, not an aggressive move to disadvantage another community! At this advanced stage of planning, with statutory and economic conditions changing each year, a successful challenge on that basis would cause a complete re-appraisal, since a planning application cannot just be switched to another site.


Environment Agency consultation on permitting for incinerator at New Barnfield 

Starts Wednesday January 9th 2013, extended to Friday February 22nd.
The EA's draft decision has been published: details here, online consultation here 

Drop-in consultation sessions will be held at the Cecil Memorial Hall, Hatfield from 2-8 p.m. on Wednesday January 23rd and Thursday January 24th.  

EA's consultation on Veolia's Fieldes Lock proposal 

Details here, commentary in our Blog here.

HCC's consultation on budget priorities 

Closed on 21 December 2012; see our Blog entry here.

Waste Site Allocations Local Development Document, 9 November to 5pm on 21 December 2012

This has been published with various changes but no new sites.  You can access its content directly here or via here. You are asked to use the appropriate response form but in practice you can respond as you wish. The contact for this is Mrs Julie Greaves, Team Leader of Waste and Materials Planning. email 

The European Union's consultation on resource efficiency indicators, by 22 October

See our Blog entry about this... 

Consultation on the Statement of Community Involvement


"The Statement of Community Involvement sets out the county council’s intentions for the involvement of communities in relation to the preparation of the Minerals and Waste Development Plan Documents and the consideration of planning applications for which Hertfordshire County Council is the planning authority. // The consultation on the SCI will last for four weeks from 5 October until 2 November 2012. Responses can be made in the following ways: 


Copies of the document will be available for public inspection at all libraries, District/Borough Council offices, County Hall, and on the county council web site. // All responses should be received by the county council by 5pm on 2 November 2012. // If you require any further information regarding the Statement of Community Involvement or a hard copy of the document, please do not hesitate to contact the minerals and waste policy team on 01992 556254.

Yours faithfully // Mrs Julie Greaves // Team Leader - Minerals and Waste Policy"

Environmental documents 

Veolia ES posted 8 more environmental documents  on the Herts. CC's Planning Portal (here, all filed on 5 September 2012). The date for response was Thursday 26 September 2012. 

Comments on latest additions to the Environmental Statement, by Monday 25th July 2012 

HCC uploaded a further set of documents about Plume Visibility. On HCC's Planning Portal page for the application, click on the table heading of Documents then find the 3 documents toward the top, with a Date Filed of 26-08-2012. 

  •  ''Plume Visibility.pdf' is a copy of an email giving illustrative estimates of the length of plume that would have been visible in previous years during daytime/night time/both. 
  • '1971_NewBarnfieldHatfieldV8HatfieldHouse...pdf' (2 files) contain the latest photomontages: 'LR' for the low-resolution version @ 3.1MB, 'HR' for high resolution @ 53MB.

Iain Leech, Senior Planning Officer, Herts. CC has clarified the deadline as follows:

"I do not anticipate any additional information being submitted by Veolia during this current consultation period. // The new information (relating to photomontages and a heritage statement for Hatfield House) has been submitted as further environmental information by the applicant. // You can comment on both sets of information by 23 July 2012. ..."

Consultation on Veolia ES's "further information on the Environmental Statement", by Friday 29th June 2012

Herts. CC suddenly called a consultation about Veolia ES's submission of information (a set of documents) further to its Environmental Statement. The consultation is announced in a letter (copied here) with details of how to respond by Friday 29 June 2012. Here is an email that you are welcome to adapt for inviting groups and individuals to respond. Everyone who has an interest in Hertfordshire is entitled to do so, not just residents and businesses based in the county.

Some general comments: (numbered for reference)

  1. As long as HCC is minded to approve VES's application (out of "necessity", via the due democratic+technical process including this consultation) that's just what they'll try to do.
  2. So this supplementary consultation needs to be taken as seriously as the initial one on VES's Environmental Statement, of which it is a continuation. (A less extensive or rigorous response now would let HCC/VES claim that "It's OK now - the public accept our revised proposal!")
  3. The further documentation is incomplete with documents and sections to follow, so it is not all ready for consultation. The consultation period should be extended to a month after the final document is eventually published.
  4. The consultant's reports formalise and understate the adverse effects. These need to be expressed in everyday terms and honest graphics for proper public consultation.
  5. For local grounds of objection, see the Hatfield Against Incineration (HAI) web site here


The Environment Agency's consultation on Biffa's plans for the Westmill Landfill Site at Ware, has been extended to accept responses by Thursday 12 July 2012.

For further information see: Burning Issue Group websiteinformation document here 

  • HertsWOW does NOT object to well managed landfilling of what is left after maximum local re-seage and recycling etc.
  • Stabilised material is especially suitable, including minerals and plastics (also known as "carbon sequestration").
  • However this proposal extends the range of materials for disposal to include medical, human care & kennels etc. wastes - see the latest revelations via the links above.
  • For details of local objections, see the web site of the Burning Issue Group (BIG): here  

The Environment Agency's e-mail and postal address is available at: 


Biffa's detailed proposals for Westmill are available at: 



The following consultations to which we urged you to respond recently are now officially closed. However if you come across fresh evidence, you can send it to Herts. CC or Veolia RS as appropriate: 

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPR) additions, by 1st June 2012

On Friday 5th May 2012 the UK Government issued a two-paragraph addition to councils' local plans. That is to recognise the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPR). Since the additional text has not been through public consultation along with the existing content of the WCS, there is now a 3-week consultation just on it, closing on Friday 1st June 2012. See our Library page for the the notice from the Programme Officer on 11th May.

Note: Just as the NPPF applies generally, so do the additional paragraphs. In this case they apply to the draft Waste Core Strategy and Development Plan Documents. 

Meanwhile if you have not yet responded to the main consultation about the NPPR's impacts on the WCS, you can still do so as follows. 

The Programme Officer for the Examination in Public has notified us that:

"The council have confirmed to the Inspector that they will offer a consultation period of 4 weeks beginning on 16 April to allow representors to draw to the attention of the Inspector any matters relating to the NPPF that they think are relevant to the Examination of the Waste Core Strategy. The Inspector will then take these into consideration in producing the report. As yet, we do not have a revised date for the delivery of the report. The Examination remains open until the council receive the report from the Inspector."

UKWIN has issued an annotated version of the National Planning Policy Framework document highlighting the most relevant parts for us, here

See our Blog and the Herts. CC's web page for details. This consultation closed on Friday 11th May 2012.

The New Barnfield Planning Application by Veolia Environmental Services 

The consultation on the Planning Application ended on 31st January

Revised Waste Core Strategy, by 30th May 2012; Inspector's Report awaited

This consultation on the amendments to the Waste Core Strategy ended on 30th January. The Planning Inspector had extended the Examination in Public to allow for it. The report of the Examination in Public is due to be published in May 2012.

 Waste Site Allocations, 6th January to 19th March 

This is a consultation on the draft Waste Sites Allocations document. See our Blog page for links to the relevant Herts. CC pages. A useful discussion of these consultations and their background is on the Brookmans Park Community web site here


Application for an Environmental Permit about minimising pollution6th March to 25th April 

Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc has applied to the Environment Agency for an Environmental Permit to operate an energy from waste plant at New Barnfield in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. here

Before the Agency can grant such a permit, it has to be satisfied that it complies with "all the legal, environmental, technological and health requirements of UK and European law." and in particular that "the facility can operate without causing significant pollution". You can respond by quoting application number: EA/EPR/MP3637FL/A001.