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Comments on the current position as we understand it

Posted by hertswow on August 10, 2019 at 4:50 PM

Theae comments are prompted by points in DA's goodwill message:

  1. HCC and Veolia issued press releases on 8th August 2019 stating that "Hertfordshire County Council and Veolia ES Hertfordshire Limited have agreed to terminate the long term contract to dispose of Hertfordshire’s residual waste. ..."
  2. Despite the heading "County council and Veolia terminate waste contract" (https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/news/news-archive/county-council-and-veolia-terminate-waste-contract" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here), HCC's Contract with Veolia for processing of residual waste may not yet have been terminated; we have asked HCC to clarify the precise position.
  3. Quotations in press releases are unlikely to provide a precise version of a spokesperson's understanding in any depth.
  4. HertsWOW is aligned with the long-term strategic approach of the Transition Network.
  5. The Secretary of State's refusal of planning permission refers specifically to use of the proposed site at Ratty's Lane, Hoddesdon for a municipal incinerator for residual waste.
  6. That specified a capacity far in excess of Hertfordshire's actual or predicted requirements.
  7. HCC is likely to continue to use incineration and landfill facilities in other counties until 2023 and perhaps beyond.
  8. As we understand the position, no decision has been made nor any firm proposal published for the longer term approach to managing Hertfordshire's residual municipal waste.
  9. As waste collection authorities, the 10 districts & borough councils and HCC (responsible for the Household Waset Recycling Centres, street sweepings etc.) are starting from different positions in terms of how they manage their collected waste and how much of it is sent as residual waste to HCC as the Waste Disposal Authority.
  10. We are urging HCC to involve relevant community groups in a fresh planning process from the outset, within each district.
  11. This time, we are hopeful* that our views will be welcomed and taken seriously.

*See the Officer's Report and Minutes (when available) of the Herts. Waste Partnership meeting on 29th July 2019 for statements conducive to the kind of engagement we are seeking.

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