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Re-consultation on VES's planning application

Posted by hertswow on August 18, 2017 at 3:25 AM

Yesterday Herts. CC opened a public re-consultation on a slew of reports under 'Regulation 22' matters that queried many of  the original set of documents. This will run until Thursday 21st September 2017. If that is too short a timescale for your organisation, you are invited to notify HCC and ask for an extension (sooner rather than later please, so that other respondents can benefit from the timescale).

We expect that HCC's Minerals and Waste Planning team will publicise this via the HCC's web site's Consultations page https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/About-the-council/Consultations/Consultations.aspx" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here.

This is a substantial addition to the Planning documentation. Here is an index of the amended documents:

A new folder 'Further Information' contains these zip folders of 'Regulation 22' documentation:

  • Plans / Individ_Revised_App_Plans (14 docs): site, lighting, traffic
  • Misc (4 docs): design of the drainage & piling
  • Highways: Arrivals; Transport Assessments (2 docs):
  • Further Info (2 docs): AECOM's responses to Scoping Opinion; Further Information & Changes*
  • Flood Risk Assessment; Hydrology (2 docs)

*Further Info & Changes gives an outline of all changes made in the documents just published, via a few folder of Further Information: https://cloud1.atriumsoft.com/HCCePlanningOPS/tabPage3.jsp?aplId=25790" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">page

Part One - Further information supplied under Regulation 22

Part Two - Changes to the submitted planning application:

Flood Risk Assessment

Transport Assessment

Changes to the Environmental Statement

Additional info on risks to groundwater

Drainage / Appx 11.5 Drainage and Ground Water (1 doc)

By the way, a vital new response 'Landscape Comments RL' was added on 3rd August, from HCC's Landscape team, via the Statutory Representations folder. https://cloud1.atriumsoft.com/HCCePlanningOPS/tabPage3.jsp?aplId=25790" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">page (1st item)

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